Deer Park

A Deer Park was created on approximately 10 acres of the Dalvourn Moor located just across the public road adjacent to Dalvourn Holidays and can be partly viewed from Strathnairn and Glengarth.

The red deer – 8 young hinds together with an unrelated young stag – were sourced from a deer farm high up in the Cairngorm mountains. The deer were delivered in November 2017 by the previous owner who was delighted with the unique and beautiful surroundings of their new home. The land is undulating with different levels, large boulders and trees for shelter as well as good, healthy grazing.

The hinds produced their first calves in July 2018 adding 6 to the herd.

Holiday guests can view the deer close-up through a kissing gate just a 100 metres down the track from the public road located immediately after two mature beech trees. On entry, the path goes along the edge of the adjacent tree plantation.